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Aaaghhh!!! That word strategy again. Sounds like sky-high management consultancy fees without any implementation.


We understand strategic marketing to mean applying a bit of brainpower, thinking and judgment before rushing in. Implementation is vital of course, and we follow through with action, but a little time spent planning your marketing and communications will be a shrewd investment. It can save time, effort and money and maximise the benefits. Even if it might sound a bit tedious.

It’s crucial that you choose the right marketing options – those that are likely to produce the right results for your business. That’s why IKON has a perspective across the entire marketing and communications mix. Just like an insourced marketing department.

We’re not media neutral – we’re media positive. If budgets are tight, we help you identify the most cost-effective media to get the biggest bang for your buck (or pound, or Euro...).

In a recession, marketingis an activity that some companies cut. This is a mistake. Without marketing - no sales. Without sales - no company. But choosing the high value marketing options, partner and co-marketing, and cutting nonsense activities will maximise the benefits. IKON can show you how.

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