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Accenture, Corus, Consignia, Monday, Diageo, Xansa, Thales, O2, Hyder. Are we still laughing at these 'trendy' corporate brand names? Probably.


Can you remember what these companies used to be called? Maybe. Or what their brand stands for? Ah. Maybe not. Spending silly money on 'rebranding' exercises to end up with a silly name or a nice new shiny logo is Fool's Gold. There's much more to corporate branding than that.

A corporate brand is the sum of the associations and expectations in the minds of your customers. As with consumer brands, corporate brands are about emotions and mindsets. Essentially, do your customers trust you? That's why brand reputation is vital to a business.

Once corporate identity is out of the way, we set to the real work in helping you build a sustainable corporate brand. A demonstrable corporate brand serves as the platform on which effective communications and marketing are built. Therefore the communications function in a company acts as custodian of the corporate brand.

The essence of a strong brand is all about how your business behaves. Corporate branding often means pursuing a relentless, rather unglamorous consistency in all aspects of your business - leadership, product quality, pricing policy, training, human resources, sales and marketing, customer relations and, of course, communications. Collectively, they can build positive associations in the minds of customers, employees, suppliers, the media and peers. Particularly customers.

IKON runs corporate branding workshops that get to the essence of your corporate brand. Employees are the greatest ambassadors of the company and so internal opinions, particularly of those in customer facing roles, are important. Supplemented by external research, the workshops are usually enjoyable and, more importantly, revealing.

Understanding the existing corporate brand is one thing, but what if you want to change direction or re-position? The aspirational corporate brand is challenging, as it implies becoming something that you are not at present, hard work and a frank assessment of what is viable. Our workshops explore both existing and aspirational brands.

Workshops can be fun, but arguably pointless unless they lead to practical measures. We supply with you with a full report, summarising feedback, interpreting the essence of the brand and making clear recommendations: