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The Chief Executive of Kodak was once asked, famously, if he was worried about Fuji? His response was that he hadn’t even had any time to worry about Fuji because he was so very worried about Sony. He rightly observed that Kodak thought it was a chemical company in the photographic films business, while Sony was a technology company that was in the imaging business.

Just when you think you know where you are, the world changes.

‘Frontier issues’. Our term for what is happening at the edge - the trends and dynamics that will continue to emerge and radically change the future business landscape. Examples:

IKON helps organisations address frontier issues in their marketing and communications. It involves defining your market, understanding trends, creating vision, and positioning yourself as an innovator and a winner.

With frontier issues, it’s not just a question of effective marketing – you need to recognise that there are opponents as well as friends, hidden pitfalls and two sides to every PR argument. But there are also great opportunities to be a pioneer at the leading edge, be first to take advantage of new circumstances, and to be associated with the current debates.

IKON consultants are bright, well read and make sure they are familiar with the key frontier issues of the day. That way we can move quickly to take advantage of opportunities.