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We once knew the Chairman of a major FTSE 100 company. He came into work at midday, with a copy of Viz and Private Eye tucked under his arm. How are you going to grab the attention of influential people like this if your company publications are drab and boring? The likelihood is you're not.

The truth is, corporate publications need to be as appealing as consumer titles. Otherwise they don't get read. Imagine that it is your own reading time and your own money, and you're close to understanding what works.

Boring stuff

Through its editorial brand 'Terrier', IKON produces brilliant marketing and corporate publications that make a difference . We believe that interesting content and communications purpose transcend everything else. To that we add excellent design/layout and choice of media production (print/online).

And we set a few guidelines:

For examples of successful publications we have produced for clients click on the list to the left.