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There are pretty web sites, and there are good web sites, but there aren’t that many pretty good web sites.

When IBM’s TV ad had a web designer asking: “shall we have a flaming logo or a spinning logo?”, they were making the right irony. While there are exciting e-commerce possibilities, in a marketing context, people use the Internet principally to get information. The web is also useful for bringing communities together.

Yet so many companies clog up the Internet with junk that they think that people want to read, or they indulge web design. This is extravagant at best. Web sites cost money – so you need to make them work.

To understand effective web marketing, look at the most successful business on the Internet - the sex industry. Just in a professional capacity, naturally. Up to 85% of Internet traffic is estimated to be to sex sites. Of course, this is a product that people seem to want. But the sex industry’s skill in using search engines, reciprocal links, website ‘lock in’, loyalty schemes, online payment security is second to none and has made fortunes for its owners.

Boring stuff

IKON’s approach to marketing on the web recognises that it is just another route to market, while offering unique means of communicating. Our expertise covers:

Web strategy – ensuring that it integrates with overall marketing

Web content – make it interesting, relevant and refreshed

Press Office online – make your web site a resource centre for the media

Online presence – promote your corporate reputation beyond the confines of your own web site

Competitors – research and analyse competitors’ marketing activities