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We help businesses grab attention. We help make them famous.


Often promised, rarely delivered.

Grabbing attention is a two-way deal between agency and client. We will give you the ideas, advice and angles, but you need to make the commitment. Talking about being adventurous in communications is one thing - but it requires effort, a willingness to take risks and be controversial when the time comes.

But why be boring when you can be interesting? It's a crowded world out there and getting noticed isn't easy. Yet so many attempts at business communications are desperately dull and uninspiring. Inevitably this means they are ineffective.

Our Approach:

IKON provides a powerful blend of intelligent thinking and creative touch. We pride ourselves on our original ideas, but know they have to be workable. Creativity and humour are important, but so too is sound planning and judgment. Our marketing philosophies include: